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Embrace the thrill of the pitch in “Man of the Match”, an upcoming video game that thrusts you into the heart of football action. Choose your path, stepping into the shoes of a player or orchestrating victories as a manager. Relish in engaging 11×11 play, steering your very own avatar through adrenaline-fueled matches.

What is Man of the Match (MOTM) ?

What is Man of the Match? How can you play it?

“Man of the Match” is a football video game for both consoles and PC it is free to play, earn to play, and built for the community and by the community.

In Man of the Match, you can choose to play two main roles:

You can choose to play as a player, and you can choose to play as a manager.

In this short explanation, you can learn all the basics of MOTM. click on the video on the right and let’s kick off!

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