July 21, 2023


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Let me tell you something obvious: 

Any corporation in the world is trying to do two things:

Minimize expenses⬇️ and maximize profits⬆️. 

The gaming industry is no different! We all know it when, every year, we just “feel” like we’re playing the same game as last year, for seven years in a row. That’s because it is what it is – a huge cost-cutting measure for corporations! 

Why would any corporate manager invest in gameplay if they know that you would purchase it regardless of how broken the game is? Why would they bother crafting an amazingly fun game when they are making literal billions of dollars from casino opening packs🤑, getting you addicted to gambling at your own expense?

Corporate management doesn’t care about gameplay and graphics. They don’t care about immersion or realism, and they certainly don’t care whether the game is enjoyable or not. They care about one single thing: the shareholders. If the shareholders are happy, that’s a good sign (especially for public companies, like the one we already know). And cynically, shareholders care nothing but the bottom line: money. 💰

The hard truth needs to be said: nobody cares about us. 

The hardest thing I’ve had to do in my life 🙅:

Let me tell you a little secret: We are working on Man of the Match for over a year now based on a little investment we’ve had, and a few months ago I went to several funding meetings to get us further going, one of them was even with a Champions League club. We have talked about a great opportunity of $5M to fund our game, and then a requirement was made by the contact person: “We want to invest! but only if you make it more like Ultimate Team…and maybe a little bit more arcade. We already know it’s working! (i.e easy money)”.  this request to alter our game and business model in order to maximize their future profit was no surprise to me. but it did it occurred to me only then, that this is probably what happen to all the other companies. Mixing our community values for a fair, quality game with external values that solely focused on financial gain will never be aligned, and I didn’t want to face the same fate.

Turning down to such a significant amount was one of the hardest things I did in my life, but it was also the decision I felt most at peace with. I had to say “No.”🚫

Accepting this offer would have meant compromising our gameplay, compromising our game, and compromising our values. 😔 Once again, we needed to think outside of the box, we needed to find another way to align the game’s interests with YOUR interests, and we came up with a plan… 🙌🙌🥳

Putting YOU in the driver’s seat 💪💪:

We want YOU to become our boss! We are giving you the opportunity to make history, and become our partner through a website called “Kickstarter” that allows crowdfunding! (and already funded successful video games in the past like “Pillars of Eternity”, “Bloodstained” and many more) Instead of asking one investor for a large sum of money and compromising our gameplay, we are allowing YOU to purchase a small one-time-only in-game package of items from a variety of packages we offer, which will make YOU our decision-maker.

Man of the Match will always be a FREE game✅; you won’t have to pay to participate, and if you are skillful, you have the potential to become the best player in the world without even spending a penny in the game. But now, you have the rare opportunity not only to support our cause and make history together by keeping our interests aligned but also to receive something truly special too. From beta and alpha tester access to once-in-a-lifetime rare accessories, first-pick players and clubs, and even being featured on the cover of MOTM! 🤯 You can get all of them on our Kickstarter, and secure our community’s future at the same time.

We finally want to create a game that is truly yours. 

This is our dream game, and we invite you to dream with us. ❤️⚽


✍️ One final thought: We understand that some of you may have already experienced disappointment with previous Kickstarter projects or have concerns about us abandoning this project. Rest assured, we are determined to bring this project to life, even if we don’t receive funding through Kickstarter. We are prepared to go above and beyond, seeking external investments if necessary. This project is our true passion, and we are ready to dedicate our lives to it, delivering a game that will make our community proud is my personal life mission. Our intention is not to coerce you into buying something you can’t buy, in fact, if that’s the case, I’d rather urge you to wait for the final release and play the game for free; Our true desire lies in the anticipation of playing this game ourselves one day, and we want to invite you to do it with us.

On a personal level, I invite you to connect with me. Whether you have questions about the game, concerns about its development, or simply want to say “Hi!”, I am truly thrilled to engage in a conversation with each and every one of you. Let’s make this journey exciting and memorable together! (Very soon you’ll know how)



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  1. Benjamin Delatore
    August 9, 2023 at 1:16 pm

    First off, good luck. The road y’all chose to travel ain’t gonna be easy. I respect it. I just wanted to give y’all my perspective as a lifelong Fifa player. Like many, I started off in the career mode space. I loved it then and I love it still. However, Fifa’s career mode from 5 years ago doesn’t look all too different from today’s game. One thing that I think can set you apart in this space is a connected franchise similar to what Madden has been able to do. As amazing as an open world career mode would be with hundreds of players. I think the community, well at least me and my friends, would equally value a career mode where I could invite 3,4,5, maybe 6 guys to compete for a premier league trophy. That’s all. Thank you for providing a place for people to reach out to the game developers and for designating valuable time to reading the comments of your community. Have a great Wednesday.

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