June 10, 2023

Earn Real Money Playing Our Free Football Game

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Man of the Match provides a unique opportunity for its players to earn actual money while enjoying a completely free game!

But how does it work? Today’s article aims to address precisely that.

MOTM has several non-negotiable terms when it comes to game development, and one of these is a commitment to extreme realism. “If an aspect of the game is unlikely to occur in real-world football, it is unlikely to be included in MOTM as well.” 

Thankfully, real-world football is a sport that embraces advertising, with sponsor logos visible on every jersey, around the stadium, and even within the game. 

In Man of the Match, we’ll leverage advertising revenue and pass it on, to you, our valued players.💰

In a previous article, we explored MOTM’s immersive world, complete with continents, countries, and clubs.

Now, imagine a massive pot of money contributed by the game’s advertisers across all countries and competitions. This pot is then distributed among every club, based on their achievements in each competition.

And here’s the best part: everyone gets rewarded, not just the winners! MOTM distributes the rewards in descending order, with the winner receiving the most and the rest divided among all players. Yes, even you! So, whether you finish first in the 1st division or last in the 7th division, you’ll still get your pockets filled, the only open question is “How much?”. 🥳

🎮 Our MOTM team consists of passionate football video game enthusiasts who believe that this is the game our community truly deserves. By putting you in the driver’s seat and rewarding you with real money, instead of taking it from you, we show our true responsibility to our community and to you. 

Say goodbye to being a cash cow for gaming companies; now, it’s your turn to get the rewards! 💪

We hope this explanation clarifies how the “play to earn” model works in MOTM and gets you excited about the possibility of… who knows? maybe becoming a full-time pro player (yes, the rewards are going to be that big)!

Stay tuned for our next post about another aspect of Man of the Match.

🙌 Thank you for your constant support, I personally read any comment you write, and make sure you get an honest response to anything you have to say, the community is truly important to us, and this is the only reason for this game to begin with.

Thank you again, and we can’t wait for you to be our Man of the Match! ⚽🏅

Yours truly,

Gilad Tsur Mayer

CEO, Man of the Match