June 10, 2023

📈 Level Up Your Player in “Man of the Match” 🎮

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Building on from our previous article, where we discussed how to take control of your player and make him your own, today’s conversation centers around development. How can you improve your player in Man of the Match (MOTM)? 🚀

In essence, there are two main ways to develop your player: honing your own gaming skills and enhancing your player’s in-game attributes.

1. Training with your teammates: 🏋️‍♂️

   In MOTM, you can train alone on the training ground or alongside your teammates and friends. Every official match is recorded by our servers, allowing you to revisit past games. This is a fantastic tool for your manager to scout new players and strategize against your next opponent. The ability to arrange drills and training sessions tailored to exploit your opponent’s weaknesses and mitigate their strengths is a powerful advantage.

2. Attribute development: 🎯

   Your player’s performance on the pitch is defined by a range of attributes, from shot accuracy to stamina and acceleration. These attributes can be the difference between a late 90th-minute goal and a heart-wrenching miss. Each week, you’ll get to choose several attributes to improve. These selected attributes will get a boost, while the others will experience a slight decrease. 

   We’ve integrated a decrease mechanism into our training system to ensure we don’t end up with overpowered players. This means you’ll need to understand your in-game strengths and weaknesses and select attributes that either amplify your strengths or offset your weaknesses.

3. Not all development is equal: 📊

   Our player development algorithm considers several parameters. For instance, participating in a high reputation match will give you a small development boost. Conversely, rage quitting a game could stall your development or even lead to a more significant decrease. The quality of your club’s facilities and staff also impacts your development.

We hope this explanation sheds light on the training system in MOTM and sparks your imagination about the myriad paths to player development in your MOTM career. We’re eager to see the complex strategies our gamers will deploy and the art of their selection – a true embodiment of Yin and Yang! 🔄

Stay tuned for our next article about another aspect of Man of the Match. 

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