June 10, 2023

🏟️ Unveil the Exciting World of Club Management in Man of the Match! ⚽🎮

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In today’s thread, we will delve into one of the fundamental concepts of Man of the Match (MOTM), namely clubs and club management.

Man of the Match is a free-to-play game that allows you to play as a player or a manager, but there is also an important role called a “Club Owner.” This role isn’t free, you’ll pay a subscription fee to own a club, and the primary reason is that clubs are essentially valuable assets, and can potentially be worth a lot of money. 

In our very first article, we explained that the history of a club remains, Club Owners can take control of an abandoned club (a bot’s club).

But alternatively, Club Owner can also sell a club in MOTM’s marketplace and cash out. 💵

But why would anyone want to sell their club? The main reason is that it might be in a higher division, generating better rewards, which in itself is worth a substantial amount of money. Therefore, Club Ownership, especially successful, of higher-division clubs, is a valuable asset.

The role of Club Owner can be combined with other roles in the club, such as manager or player. However, if you feel that an external manager with more talent would do a better job of making your club more successful, you can hire them. Alternatively, you may not want to manage the team on a day-to-day basis and just have a pure investment in a MOTM club.

We spent a considerable amount of time thinking about clubs and how to represent them. When you play other video games, they all feel so similar. There is no “soul” or uniqueness. 

Thinking about clubs during our work on the games we found out that the core difference between clubs is their fans. Without them, they would be merely teams with different shirt colours. 

Fans not only add meaning to a club, but they also share common memories, history, ethos, and identity. All of which, will be represented in the game.  💪

To prove that, just pause for a moment and consider the difference between Liverpool and Manchester United, Real Madrid and Barcelona, Dortmund and Bayern Munich, and Boca Juniors and River Plate. They just “feel” different. 

In MOTM, fans will be living creatures, the lifeblood of the club, and will behave and want different things for each club. They will have different attributes, inclinations, and likes and dislikes. However, Your achievements (or the lack of them), results, and actions can change fans’ attributes over time.

Ultimately, you should aim to make your fans happy as they provide oxygen for your club: your budget.

With your budget, you can buy new players, purchase new facilities, upgrade your stadium, hire more personnel, and do much more.

As a manager, you can prepare your team for the next match, understand your next rivals’ vulnerabilities, and assemble players for training sessions to exploit them.

If you do not want to be a club owner or manager, you can participate in some minor roles as well.  

You can be a scout, for example, scout for the club’s next defensive midfielder, help the manager as an assistant manager, be the Sports Director and handle long-term strategy, be an agent, personal coach, commentator or journalist, and much much more. 

I hope you enjoyed this thread about how club management works in MOTM and gets you excited about the possibilities, and get you ready to take your club to global success!

Thank you for your ongoing support. Your emails and messages are very helpful and get us the wind under our wings.

We cannot wait to have you on board, and we hope you’ll be our Man of the Match!

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Gilad Tsur Mayer

CEO, Man of the Match