June 10, 2023

⚽ Step into the Boots of Your Player in “Man of the Match”! 🕹️

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In previous articles, we’ve explored the world of Man of the Match, including how to select the right bot club to control as a club owner. Today, we’ll delve into an equally exciting aspect: choosing and controlling a bot player. 🎮

Choosing a player in MOTM is an intriguing task. It requires a strategy, one that considers your career path and the type of player you want to become. Let’s delve into the factors you’ll need to think about:

1. Deciding Your Starting Position: 📍

   You have the freedom to manifest your player in many forms. Being a robust defender or a winger hugging the touchline can offer distinct experiences! Therefore, the first step is to choose a position. Consider the market dynamics as well; many players might prefer attacking roles, which can cause an inflation of players in those positions and make it tougher to break into the first eleven, especially in your debut seasons!

2. Deciding about your potential playing time: ⏱️

   The level of competition is another factor to consider. Higher leagues offer more prize money, but they also attract better players, potentially reducing your playing time. Opting for a lower league can relieve some pressure and increase your official playing time. So, what’s it going to be? More playing time or more money?

3. Make your player, your own: 🤳

   Once you’ve chosen a bot player to control, it’s time to give it your identity. Our companion app allows you to scan your face 360 degrees using our state-of-the-art technology. Every detail and wrinkle is captured and uploaded to the game, creating your unique avatar! If you wish to further customize your avatar, you can always buy unique shoes, tattoos, and accessories in the game’s marketplace. As you probably know, MOTM is a community game, so the marketplace is two way street, you can also sell items you’ve made.

4. Player behavior: 😤🥳

    As in reallife football, different events such as harsh fouls, goals, or arguing with referees will trigger varying reactions from different players. MOTM features complex personality traits leading to diverse behaviors in these situations. Although these are purely cosmetic and won’t affect your game, they do add to the immersive experience, you’ll really feel your avatar has personality and not just generic animations.

5. Contracts: 📑

   MOTM is a free-to-play and earn-to-play game, meaning you’ll earn money while playing a free game! But how much will you earn? Your contract in MOTM, which binds you to a club, will specify what percentage of the overall club’s prize money you will receive. And you can negotiate it with the club’s management. 

Another way to hedge you from unpleasant situation is adding a release clause to your contract. a release clause in your contract will free you to move to another club if you don’t get the amount of playtime specified for example.

We hope this article illuminates the complexity and excitement of player selection in MOTM, and we hope you’re ready to rise to the challenge of becoming a club legend, or even representing your national team! ⚽🏆

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🙌 Thank you for your unwavering support. Your feedback fuels our motivation and propels us forward. We eagerly await your arrival on the pitch, and we can’t wait for you to become our Man of the Match!

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Gilad Tsur Mayer

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